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You might move because you rent something bigger and better. You might stay where you currently live and improve it by redecorating and renovating it extensively. And possibly, you will stay where you live but you will make money through real-estate speculation. These are all possibilities. By extension, your family life will improve.

Horoscope for Sunday, Dec. 1, - Chicago Sun-Times

Family members will be more generous to each other and they will be happier and more joyful. This is the part were Tiny Tim says, "God bless us everyone! The benefit of Jupiter in the coming year for you will be subtle but pervasive. The reason for this is Jupiter will affect your state of mind. This is powerful because actually everything that happens to us and in our world is generated by our thoughts.

How we react, how we feel, and what we do is triggered by a thought. In the year ahead, you will increase your daily contact with others and you might learn something new and exciting! If you write, sell, teach or act, you will definitely excel! Relations with relatives - brothers, sisters and cousins will be excellent.

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Old thought patterns will broaden and expand. Your plans for the future will be larger and more expansive. You will sizzle with joie de vivre! You are a positive, easy-going, breezy sign but you do like to make money! Well, here's the good news for you. That time has arrived! Lucky, moneybags Jupiter is entering your House of Earnings this week, which means in the next 12 to 18 months, you will get richer.

You might get a better paying job. You might get a raise. You might see ways to make money on the side. Money might come to you in such a way that you increase your assets. However, at a more subtle level, you will learn more about yourself and your relationship to your money and your wealth. Money can buy everything!

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You just have to know where to shop! Well, you are sitting pretty because lucky Jupiter is entering your sign this week. The last time this happened was in The next time it will happen will be in It's beginning of a major cycle of growth in your life when you are entering a lovely time of learning and gaining new experiences. You will find that people and resources are magically drawn to you in a helpful way. Your year ahead will be fortunate for you in personal terms. Relationships and encounters with others will be pleasant and even work to your advantage.

By the end of the year, your self-confidence will have increased and you will have more polished poise. You wanted more?

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This week Jupiter is entering a hidden part of your chart, which means its effect on your life in the coming year will be more subtle, but it will be positive and beneficial. It will open up areas where you will gain a greater capacity to learn more about the spiritual and religious dimensions of your life.

Your relations with others will be easier because your own ego demands will be less. You will see the world around you with greater compassion and wisdom.

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You will have a greater appreciation that we are all in this Big Soup together and that what is done for one is done for all. You might play the role of mentor to someone or in turn, you might find a mentor. Pretty heady stuff! Increased popularity is on the menu for you as Jupiter moves into your House of Friendships. Not only will you be more popular in the coming year because you will meet new friends and enjoy existing friendships more - in addition, you might join clubs and associations and become more involved in these groups.

Furthermore, your interaction with others will definitely benefit you because not only will friends be supportive but even coworkers will help. You will learn from others and they will introduce you to important contacts. Please note: In the coming year, whatever you put out will come back to you in even greater quantity. Did you know that you can get Georgia's Daily Moon Alert, plus up to two Daily Horoscope signs delivered to you each day by e-mail or text message?

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By text, or e-mail to you each morning! Order Now The Annual Forecasts are available for pre-order. All Signs I repeat: Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Aries March April 19 As Jupiter changes signs this week, it ushers in a time of marvellous professional success for you. Taurus April May 20 This week, Jupiter will move into the part of your chart concerned with travel, which means you will have more opportunities to travel then you have had in over a decade!

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