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  1. Mass Shootings in the United States in 2016
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  4. Ride pre-Civil War rails at Chattanooga museum

The diverse offerings that included paintings, photography, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, wood, glass, and fiber by highly-regarded local artists finally had the showcase they deserved. With 25 years at their present location, In-Town Gallery is not leaving anytime soon. Find out why by visiting quality workmanship at the longest running gallery in Chattanooga, and one of the longest running cooperative galleries in the country.

Close your eyes and send love from your heart to everyone in the world. Stay in this space for two minutes. It will change everything. It can only be changed.

Mass Shootings in the United States in 2016

Here in the West, we humans often vastly underestimate the power of thought, of feeling, of intention. For instance, it is when we experience meditation that we realize the lifechanging effects of a simple breath, of being still, sitting quietly. When we listen, answers come. When we are still, we can transform ourselves and our world.

It should be just a quality in you—wherever you are, with whomever you are, or even if you are alone, love goes on overflowing from you. It is not a question of being in love with someone. It is a question of being love.

The Pulse » May 9, by Brewer Media Group - Issuu

Sandra Kurtz is an environmental community activist, chair of the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway Alliance, and is presently working through the Urban Century Institute. You can visit her website to learn more at enviroedu. In , President Roosevelt dedicated the Chickamauga Dam, which was completed in The TVA Act listed needs to address flooding, provide navigability, help farmers with reforestation, fertilizer research, and proper use of marginal lands, seek industrial development, and to provide for the national defense by the creation of a corporation for the operation of Government properties at and near Muscle Shoals, and for other purposes.

It was felt that these steps would improve the deplorable economic situation for the poor, downtrodden people living in this part of the United States during the Depression. EPB still provides local service, as do other distributors across the Tennessee Valley. Through an economic lens, one could say the TVA experiment has worked. After all, it has supported a larger population coupled with more jobs to deal with the higher demands for services coming from that increased number of citizens. Most people have enough food, clean water, and housing to comfortably live, although many still struggle to pay electric bills.

Looking through an environmental lens, the experiment may have not worked as well.

River water is more navigable, but many mussel species no longer exist. Flooding is heavily controlled, but water, polluted with plastics, toxic chemicals, and radiation, is sometimes low on oxygen or too hot. This has impacted ecosystem health.

31 December

Too, there is degradation from fossil fuels of air, soil, and forests with the bats and other mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and. These systems have been interrupted and segmented. While TVA has protected much green space along riverbanks and has reduced coal burning, many forests have been cleared and archeological sites destroyed for dam building, power lines, and electricity generation.

TVA fits that description because few people want to live without electricity and TVA reliably produces most of it. TVA seems to listen less to citizen concerns around ratepayer hikes, energy efficiency, and use of cleaner natural resources.

Ride pre-Civil War rails at Chattanooga museum

Energy efficiency translates into lower bills for ratepayers, but TVA has chosen instead to increase its fixed rate fees, so you will pay a higher fee even if you turned everything off and went on vacation. In this climate-constrained world, what is your vision for electricity generation and environmental conservation in the future? Tennessee Valley citizens who have to live with these decisions should have a say. You have an opportunity to join others in communicating a common future energy vision to TVA. Tour leader Appalachian Voices wants to hear how you think public power could better serve Valley communities.

According to their press release, this free event will highlight energy reform efforts, discuss impacts of the TVA energy system, evaluate decision-making, and present film clips shown on—what else—a solar film projector. Then you can be part of vision creation. Chattanooga visions will be combined with visions from other Valley communities meeting during 10 or more tour stops and eventually shared with TVA.

TVA needs to hear ways to live up to its mission. This is an important and exciting gathering. It will be fun too. That seems appropriate. Not everyone is a wife, and not everyone aspires to be a wife. Instead, she bucked the tradition that parents must put their dreams aside and followed the creative path that made her happy and fulfilled. At that show, it was nearly impossible to not notice her charisma, her distinctive staccato flow, her natural confidence Take the cover photo of her EP Muthaz Day 3 from , declared by Pitchfork to be one of the best rap releases of , which fea-.

Despite having not yet released a full-length album although. His work has brought numerous opportunities to artists and greatly enriched local arts culture. SWINE focused on being an approachable, inclusive platform for creatives in Chattanooga and abroad who may not have had an outlet elsewhere in the downtown area.

Cowan tells us,. ARC aims to connect artists abroad with Chattanooga to develop their professional practice while educating and diversifying the local community and arts culture. Networking became very important to him. Before you knew it, Stove Works was announced; Sculpture Fields sprang up; Locate Arts was connecting artists in cities across the state; the UNFoundation began funding projects; Frequency Arts opened its doors for the arts and music community, and just down the street VERSA gallery opened in the St.

Andrews Center. It felt alive, vibrant,. We were collaborating, sharing, hopping, building, and weaving into the community together.

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Artists and businesses are discovering the appeal and availability of hosting art in all places, so just about any local shop will be featuring someone. Open mics, poetry readings, and music opportunities are also flourishing thanks to the work of some excellent creatives and smart thinking folk all over downtown. We also did free workshops, lectures, and exhibitions with ARC and worked with local elementary schools to bring artists in.

I think the city, the community, business owners and proprietors have increasingly been warming up to the arts, simmering even. Murals adorn several facades all over downtown on new flats, apartments, and restaurants. Artists are at more festivities, events, and have a larger presence in the public. Chattanooga and its arts have really come a long way.

Despite Chattanooga having one of the best film festivals in the region, the filmmaker scene is relatively small. Christian has done work in Atlanta, as well as across the country, but he calls Chattanooga home. As with most children, an interest is sparked by watching the adults around them.

I was so nervous to operate it—I had no idea how to stop it after pressing the record button. Dent Jr.

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It seems obvious to anyone familiar with film that Christian has a keen eye for camera work, particularly in his short film. All mostly low budget. A commercial can be more creative than a music video, depending on the client. Film work in Chattanooga can be challenging, Christian admits. There is not a big selection available. There seems to be little to no representation. It seems pretty obvious. More projects down the pipeline, but would like to keep those as a surprise. Designing routes requires vision and imagination—a creative whose art should function kinetically and aesthetically in order to inspire climbers. Meet one such creative—year-old Cody Grodzki. It was when Grodzki, a senior in high school, was first introduced to rock climbing.

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After only a few visits to his local climbing gym, he pressed the owner for a job and set about pursuing routesetting. With no experience setting, and limited climbing ability, he was relegated to the grunt work of stripping old routes off the walls.